The preformer dosing device mod. ARIETE is a product designed, built and completely MADE IN ITALY. It is a mobile injection unit with FIFO system and it is the best the market can offer today, in response to the growing requests for reliability, operational simplicity for the preforming of shaped parts of all the current compounds required by the most varied molding sectors.

ARIETE is made up of a single or double fifo injection unit, mounted on a self-propelled structure on which the electronic control unit, the hydraulic unit and the ENERGY-EFFICIENT motor-pump unit with DRIVE are dedicated for the electronic control of pressure and flow needing no proportional valves. This solution allows energy savings of up to 80% compared to a standard solution, a significant reduction in noise and lower cooling and maintenance requirements.

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is updated with the latest technological innovations and meets the most complex needs in terms of connectivity and data sharing on the network; it is equipped with a modem for remote assistance that allows data sharing and alarms with our assistance center, a 10” and touch screen video programming terminal allows simple and intuitive control of all the functional parameters such as temperatures, times, speeds, all of which can be stored in an archive.


is composed of a FIFO system built specifically for easy cleaning: the operator can easily remove the head, valve and screw with the use of a single wrench/key; the barrel head may be opened manually to allow a quick and simple die change, and screw and fifo terminal cleaning.
The standard head features a guillotine strip cutting system, on request a rotating blade head can also be mounted for high production and precision of preformed pads.
the movements are hydraulically controlled by ultrasonic linear transducers to obtain maximum precision with minimum expenditure of energy.

Two units may be mounted parallel controlled both individually and simultaneously.
The loading of the strip is automatic.
It can be equipped with a silicone charger.