The «JOLLY 230» model (WITH PRESS CLOSURE SYSTEM COVERED BY EUROPEAN PATENT) is a state-of-the-art machine that belongs to a family of static presses for the production of soles, sandals, ankle boots and other products, in single colour, two colours or three colours in single density or double density and using all the usual thermoplastic materials suitable for this type of production.
It is particularly suitable for the insertion in the dies of inserts of various kinds such as: clips, heel lifts, welts, leather insoles, thermoplastic or metal inserts, etc.
This model has been designed in every single detail with the new pressing requirements in mind, such as, on request, injecting two materials of two different textures at the same time (hard heel and soft sole).
It can accommodate one die for all-plastic or with non-standard larger dimensions, as the area for accommodating the die is 400 x 495mm, thus enabling the operator to work in more favourable conditions.
As the frame of the press has no columns, the die can be folded open without needing to slide it along, thus eliminating the tender carriages, reducing wear and tear, maintenance and the possibility of ruining the dies and consequently having to stop the machine and incurring die repair costs.
«JOLLY» can be produced in three versions: with 2, 3 or 4 stations.

The latest-generation hydraulic system consists of 4 neodymium permanent magnet motor pump units, capable of rotating normally even at 4-5 revolutions/1’ and of reaching 3000 revolutions/1’ in 1/10 of a second, maintaining constant torque and power and thus obtaining the following results:
Consumption:    50 % less energy
Noise:         20 % quieter
Speed:        15% faster


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Front view
Rear view
Closing system
Bicolour Station
Injector Uplifting
Technical drawing


– 230 T. hydraulic presses with adjustable stroke;
– Extrusion injection machines, activated by electric motors or piston-screw;
– Built-in hydraulic control panel and electrical panel;
– Single-unit latest-generation pneumatic solenoid valves;
– Cooling of upper and lower die holders controlled by flow  switches;
– Injection point height adjustment system, 30-90 mm from the top surface, activated by electrical jacks;
– The 4-station machine can be transported in a container without dismantling parts of the machine as it can be separated into 2 halves.


– Injection system with three output phases and speeds, with microswitch and timer;
– Timed double-strike shrink-proof system;
– Timed blow moulding system;
– Temperature control;
– Self-diagnosis with operator help;
– Die programme memory: possibility of saving all the parameters relating to over 10,000 items in the memory.

The production capacity varies according to the type of thermoplastic material used, the model and weight of the sole and the working capacity of the operator.


– Accessories for working with the die in 3 pieces for two colours and three colours;
– Extruders with hydraulic motors;
– Upper extraction device;
– Lower extraction device;
– Nozzle with pin opening and closure (with zero loss);
– Possibility of assembling, in addition to the standard, 2÷4 injection units to make products using bi-injection.