The machines from the «COMETA» range are presses with a totally innovative design, for the compression pressing of technical items in vulcanised rubber or silicon, thermosetting items and diamond tools. The COMETA press is characterised by an opening and closing system with moving shoulders.
This system has already been tested and used for over 15 years in the injection press industry for processing plastic materials with highly satisfactory results.

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Front view
Front view
Front view
Front view
Technical drawing


– All movements are controlled by absolute ultrasound transducers with accuracy to one hundredth of a millimetre
– Programming and control by a touch screen video terminal of all parameters of closing force, cycle times, temperatures (if hot surfaces).
– The programmes for the various productions can be saved and stored on the video terminal so that they can be retrie ved whenever they need to be repeated.
– The hydraulic control panel, the electrical panel and the video control terminal are built into the machine so as to create a single unit.
– CE marking in accordance with Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC and subsequent amendments, and with Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC and subsequent modi¢ cations.


– Completely innovative «OPEN-CLOSE» closure
– Perfectly flat pressing
– Easy die-change
– Smaller dimensions than the standard
– Possibility of exploiting to the full the dimensions of the hot surface
– Easy manual extraction of the moulded piece
– Possibility of applying the vacuum bell even after the installation of the machine
– Easy maintenance


– The volume of the vacuum bell is smaller than the standard, with subsequent reduction in time and energy consumption to obtain the vacuum
– Better quality of the moulded item thanks to the lack of oxygen
– The vacuum enables the moulded item to be detached from the walls much more easily
– Better flow of the mixtures in the channels
– Elimination of problems caused by air: bubbles, joins, etc.
– More even temperature on the die (between the centre and the outside)
– Fewer fumes emitted as they are absorbed by the vacuum bell
– Die cleaning: the die cleaning ratio between traditional pressing and pressing with a vacuum bell is 1 to 5 and this results in a subsequent reduction of machine downtime
– Pressing technology today requires the vacuum option during the vulcanisation of custom-made items.


– Central extractor with 1 extraction point
– Central extractor with 5 extraction points
– Bottom-up intermediate surface
– Top-down intermediate surface
– Vacuum pump
– Magnetic surfaces