Horizontal injection moulding machine capable of providing the best possible performance in terms of reliability, ease of use, requirements of current mixes and market quality demands.
Small overall dimensions of the moulding machine; including the vacuum chamber. Decidedly important base-plate made of welded steel like all superior tooling machines. The base, machine head and moving plate are designed using original concepts and electronic procedures to provide high rigidity levels when loaded and to use the surfaces of the moulds like never before. This eliminates all typical inconveniences caused by horizontal moulding machines, such as central collapsing.

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The injection unit is a fully tested FIFO unit with remarkable injection force that allows injection with a specific load on the material of up to 2,700 bars.


Due to the use of difficult mixes, i.e. those with high viscosity levels which tend to encounter pre-reticulation due to rapid acceleration, we have developed a temperature control system to achieve and effective thermoregulation. This provides high levels of flexibility and the possibility of using large moulds even with particularly difficult mixes.


The electronic control unit is worth a mention as it has been updated using the latest technologies and meets the most sophisticated demands in terms of connectivity and network data sharing.  It is immediately accessible, also via the internet, with the possibility of using remote assistance options to communicate data and alarms. The touch screen terminal is exceptionally reliable, providing control over all the force and closure, cycle time, temperature, process curve parameters etc. The terminal can also be used to save and store mould data and machine information.


The hydraulic unit, the vacuum forming system, the electric panel and touch screen terminal are built-in to the machine to create a single, rational ensemble. All movements are controlled by high resolution absolute ultrasound transducers. Rapidity and efficacy of vacuum forming at levels never achieved before. CE marking according to the “Machinery Directive” provisions. The production capacity varies according to the materials used, the morphological and weight-based characteristics of the article to be produced and the professional skills of the operator.
Which we underline
• Rapidity and efficacy of vacuum forming levels
• Hydraulic movement of the intermediate ejectors inside the vacuum chamber with standard moulds which need no parti cular prearrangements
• Possibility to use brushes in the horizontal injection moulding machines without affecting the vacuum seals
• Use of all types of standard non-dedicated moulds
• Process window on the vacuum bell for visual control
• No degassing limit in terms of quantity, size and precision

Alongside the compression moulding system we have successfully developed an integrated vacuum injection moulding system with 4 moving walls.


• Because nowadays wasting time is too expensive.
• Because nowadays the market is increasingly demanding
• Because the vacuum achieved with the old seal on the mould is not a very accurate vacuum.
• Because vacuum forming with the CDG system is easy.
• Because it allows you to use any mould even with multiple plates without having to adapt the vacuum.
• Because nowadays there is no time to waste with technicians that have to perform endless test runs.
• Because nowadays the vacuum chamber is a simple accessory on a perfect and high speed moulding machine.
• Because it is logical and necessary in an ISO 9000 standard and similar systems.
• Because it is logical when moulding with open moulds.
• Because it allows trouble-free and accurate degassing.

We have finally put a stop to a long-standing problem concerning rubber moulding: the evacuation of the air from the moulds. With this patented system, our customers have recreated added value working with direct and injection moulding machines. Integrated vacuum chamber moulding is not limited to avoiding rejects caused by the air remaining in the moulds, but it improves and revolutionises the entire moulding procedure, recreating a decidedly improved man-machine relationship to the advantage of productivity. This is achieved because we are not proposing a simple vacuum chamber, but an integrated system where the moulding machine and vacuum bell are designed as a single unit to achieve superior production and maximum productivity.
The best testimonies of this success are our customers who, thanks to this moulding system, have never encountered critical moments or down-times in their work. It is therefore truly worth while spending a few hours of your time to verify the efficacy of this original integrated vacuum moulding system.