The «MULTIPLA» moulding machines feature a totally new concept for compression moulding of rubber technical articles and soles.
The moulding machine features a fixed shoulder opening and closing system.
This system has already been widely used for over 15 years in the injection moulding machine sector for plastic materials where it has achieved extremely satisfactory results.

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• All movements are controlled by absolute ultrasound transducers with a precision of one hundredth of a millimetre
• Touch-screen terminal for programming and control of all closing force, cycle time and temperature parameters. Plane stroke-ejector stroke etc.
• The touch screen terminal can save and store the various production programmes so you can recall them whenever a specific production programme is to be repeated.
• The hydraulic unit, the electric panel and touch screen terminal are built-in to the machine to create a single, rational ensemble.
• CE Marking


• Central ejector with 1 ejector point
• Intermediate plate from the bottom
• Intermediate plate from the top
• Vacuum bell
• Magnetic plates
• Hot plates with T-shaped cavity
• Tender
• Central ejector on the tender
• Two-coloured


• Totally innovative «OPEN-CLOSE» system
• Perfect moulding alignment
• Easy mould changeovers
• Smaller size compared to standard versions
• Possibility of maximising the exploitation of the dimensions of the hot plate
• Easier manual moulded part ejection
• Possibility to apply the vacuum bell even after the machine has been installed
• Easier maintenance


• Smaller bell volume compared to the standard version, with consequent reduction in time and energy consumptions to
achieve the required vacuum
• Better moulded part quality thanks to the lack of oxygen
• The vacuum makes removal of the moulded part much easier
• Improved flow of mixes in the channels
• Removal of all problems caused by air: bubbles, joints, bleeding
• More homogeneous temperature throughout the mould (between the centre and the outside)
• Almost complete decrease of fumes emitted following absorption by the vacuum pump
• Mould cleaning: the mould cleaning ratio between traditional moulding and vacuum bell moulding is 1 : 5 and this leads to
a consequent decrease in machine down-times
• Nowadays the moulding technology requires the use of vacuum forming during the vulcanisation of special parts.


• Because nowadays wasting time is too expensive.
• Because nowadays the market is increasingly demanding
• Because the vacuum achieved with the old seal on the mould is not a very accurate vacuum.
• Because vacuum forming with the CDG system is easy.
• Because it allows you to use any mould even with multiple plates without having to adapt the vacuum.
• Because nowadays there is no time to waste with technicians that have to perform endless test runs.
• Because nowadays the vacuum chamber is a simple accessory on a perfect and high speed moulding machine.
• Because it is logical and necessary in an ISO 9000 standard and similar systems.
• Because it is logical when moulding with open moulds.
• Because it allows trouble-free and accurate degassing.


We have finally put a stop to a long-standing problem concerning rubber moulding: the evacuation of the air from the moulds. With this patented system, our customers have recreated added value working with direct and injection moulding machines. Integrated vacuum chamber moulding is not limited to avoiding rejects caused by the air remaining in the moulds, but it improves and revolutionises the entire moulding procedure, recreating a decidedly improved man-machine relationship to the advantage of productivity.
This is achieved because we are not proposing a simple vacuum chamber, but an integrated system where the moulding machine and vacuum bell are designed as a single unit to achieve superior production and maximum productivity.
The best testimonies of this success are our customers who, thanks to this moulding system, have never encountered critical moments or down-times in their work. It is therefore truly worth while spending a few hours of your time to verify the efficacy of this original integrated vacuum moulding system.