Alfa is a 4-6-8-10 station static 230 ton machine with oil-hydraulic clamping and piston injection unit for the production of soles, slippers, inserts, insoles and high quality technical articles in EVA type reticular thermoplastic material. Alfa is conceived to also produce rubber articles with a few simple modifications.

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The 4-station machine is assembled in a single block to guarantee ease of transport, positioning, installation and start-up. Portions of 2 or 4 stations can be added to the main single block to form a 6 or 8 or 10 station machine. The machine also features external guards assembled on the structure itself. The steel single block structure supports the clamping unit and the injection carriage, on which the electric panel and oil hydraulic, pneumatic and vacuum units are assembled.

Complete hydraulic unit made of one main plunger cylinder to create the clamping force and 4 short-stroke hydraulic cylinders (2 for the LH die and 2 for the RH die) used to offset and differences in the thickness of the die couples; it is all driven by two jack cylinders to achieve high opening and clamping (520 mm/s) speeds. The hydraulic movement of the clamping stroke means the operator does not have to perform any die height adjusting. It is possible to assemble one or two suitably sized dies on each station.
The centring of the die in the die holder is guided by two keys assembled on the die holder itself. Pins are used to close the injection and blowing channel, and connect the vacuum system. Pins are used to close the injection and blowing point and connect the vacuum system. Each die cast press unit has four zones, 2 on the right and 2 on the left, controlled individually by a PT100 probe. The installed output for each surface is 6.6 kW and they are isolated from the press surface by a layer of thermal insulation.

I gruppi di iniezione a vite pistone sono montati su un carro movimentato con motore alimentato da inverter e quote controllate da encoder. Gli scorrimenti sono realizzati su guide a ricircolo di sfere.
ogni iniettore è dotato di:
• Thermo-regulated screw temperature
• Nozzle head with pin closure
• Hydraulic cylinder powered nozzle motion
• The standard nozzle height will be 50 mm from the upper press
surface; it will be possible to modify the height by a maximum
of 10 mm manually and mechanically.


All plant systems are made from top quality components produced by top international manufacturers.

Electrical system composed of a control push-button panel for each press, and an electrical cabinet mounted on the LH side of the machine. All operating parameters are managed via a touch screen panel, highly user-friendly for operator programming, which is used to set all the machine parameters such as the press clamping force, the control of surface temperatures, injectors, injection volumes, sliding table encoders, oil levels and all other necessary settings. It will also display all the alarms, all machine conditions for faster identification of any faults.
“Teleservice” which allows us to intervene on the machine programming directly from our head office when it is necessary to update or modify software and programmes or during troubleshooting activities, without the need for an “in loco” intervention by a technician, a service that saves time and money.
Vacuum system consisting of an oil bath pump and relative independent valves for each press unit.
Oil-hydraulic system designed to minimise energy consumptions; it consists of one vessel and three motor pump units with variable capacities and pressures controlled by high efficiency energy saving 10 kW motors;
the distribution blocks are mounted on each individual press. Pneumatic system consisting of a FESTO unit mounted on the machine structure.