The “ZEPA” type machine has been specially designed in every detail and is suitable particularly for production of shoe platforms, soles, heels, inserts and other products. Its production cycle is completely automatic.

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Front view
Detail of pin charger and extrator
Detail of spool mould holder
Detail of spool mould holder


– Nr 1 hydraulic press with adjustable tonnage up to max 160
– Nr 1 injector with ø 55mm screw, adjustable in speed and  injection pressure by means of various working phases
– Nr 1 hydraulic extractor with repetitive extraction and  adjustable stroke.
– Nr 1 head injection with 2 nozzles, with possibility to match it to one only central nozzle.
– Nr 1 standard mould-holder, with cooling circuit, for normal heels.
– Built-in electric panel and the hydraulic board
– All programming parameters such as speed, power, temperature, injection volume, strokes etc can be programmed through a touch screen panel.

These parameters can be saved in the system so to be always available in case or when a production cycle is to be reproduced again.


ZEPA_disegnoThe pin charger is divided into two parts; each one can be separately loaded depending on moulds, with distance from the center as shown in the drawing.
If the pin charges is not used, then it can be moved upwards, without dismounting it, so to have more space free for the extractor (see extractor drawing for more details).


– Double mould carrier for shoe platforms or spool heels
– Pin charger with adjustable measure from 20 to 130 mm
– Mould carrier for second component
– Heads for central injection only
– Second injector with independent hydraulic unit, so to produce two-colours or double density or double component items or alternatively to inject at the same time and separately two items having different colour, shape or dimensions.