The CDG innovation that revolutionizes production

CDG Srl produces the only horizontal and vertical compression and injection molding machines for rubber in the market, with an integral vacuum chamber capable of enclosing all the parts of the mold, intermediate layers included.

These highly performing machines enable the use of any mold, even with multiple plates, without adaptations for the vacuum.

Maximum compatibility with the molds for a significant increase in production

Designed for efficiency

Mold change times
- 0 %
Max limitation of waste
- 0 %
Production scraps
100 %
Satisfied customers
0 %

Why an integral vacuum chamber?

We have finally put an end to the age-old problem relating to rubber molding: the evacuation of air from the molds.

With this patented system, our customers have managed to create value by working with both direct loading and injection molding machines.

Molding with an integral vacuum chamber is not limited only to avoiding waste due to the permanence of air in the molds, but also improves and revolutionizes the entire molding process in a positive way, rethinking the man-machine relationship to the full advantage of productivity.

All this is possible because we do not only offer a vacuum chamber, but a real system in which the press and chamber have been designed to perfectly integrate.

Our products are equipped
with an integral vacuum chamber